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Youth Athlete Summer Academy

WK Fitness Dingle is delighted to announce punapharmacy it’s Summer Youth Athlete Program. The Summer program launched last year with huge success & we look forward to developing even better results this year!

Last year’s attendees have gone forward to excel in their chosen sports including securing spots on the Munster u17’s team, winning Munster titles in Gymnastics & getting signed by cycling teams.

Our focus & aim with the Summer Youth Athlete Program is simple.

  1. Help the successful applicants move better
  2. Help the youth athlete to understand the main training principles & how proper training along with the correct recovery techniques can help them excell
  3. Help the youth athlete to gain strength in a safe and controlled manner
  4. Make the youth athlete robust & less prone to injury as they grow older
  5. Educate the youth athlete on best nutritional practices, recovery protocols & lifestyle choices they can make in order to get the best results, get a step ahead & progress!


How do I apply if I am interested or if I have a son/daughter that is interested?

Simply send us an email, along with a paragraph or so on a brief background, your chosen sport & why you wan to train at WK Fitness for the Summer of 2016, we can meet up & talk further!

Unfortunately not everyone is a correct fit or not everyone is applicable for the Summer Youth Athlete Program and we have strictly only 8 places available!

Summer Program starts on Saturday June 4th & is suitable for athletes between the ages of 15 & 18/19

Send an email to, don’t run the risk of not being the very best you can be!