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Why perhaps guys should train like girls & girls should train like guys…..sometime's!

Why should guy’s train more like girls and girls train more like guys?

Well, I’l cut to the chase.

The majority of guy’s that train or go to the gym usually warm up for maybe 2 mins and head straight to the cable machine & weights. They have extremely weak core strength and quite often really poor flexibility.

The majority of girls that train, tend to do a long warm up, loads of core work and plenty of stretching with little or no strength training.

Each gender would greatly improve their overall strength & movement quality by adopting some preconceived training habits of the opposite gender.

Guy’s imagine if you did more core work & stretching? It would lead to a huge knock on effect in improving your overall performance in the gym or for your sport!

Girls imagine if you did more strength & resistance training? Your body fat percentage would drop, you would gain that lean muscle you have always wanted!


The fact is that a lot of guy’s can’t touch their toes and yet complain about that lower back pain, which is often a result of zero flexibility & the core strength of a small puppy.


Ladies on the other hand the complaint is often not being able to get “in shape” or “lose the fat”. Not being able to do a push up is not ok!!! We need to understand here girls that strength training is your first step to maintaining a sustainable drop in body fat levels! That coupled with proper nutrition obviously.

So just a little food for thought! Guys can learn from girls and equally girls can learn from guys!

Enjoy & share if you find it useful!


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