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New XFIT Group Workout

Our Saturday morning training schedule at WK Fitness Dingle will look at little bit different for the coming few weeks!

We are replacing Kettlebell’s at 9am and going for a XFIT group workout at 8am instead!

Check out the XFIT class description here;

“Our new X FIT Class at WK Fitness is a brand new Workout Class designed by WK Fitness coaches! We combine traditional Strength Training methods with High Intensity Intervals to help average people increase their Strength & Fitness Levels. X FIT with WK Fitness is suitable for everyone from advanced to beginners & classes are modified for everyone! So if you are looking for a full body workout that will get you real results, this class is for you”

Kettlebells will still be a large part of the XFIT class but the moving of time to 8am will suit people much better! Allowing them the option of an early workout on a Saturday morning & being finished for 9am!

Please pre book any classes you wish to attend by booking through your WK Fitness App! Our FREE App is available to download in the App Store & it’s super easy to book your classes!

Your’s in training;

WK Fitness Team!