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Why you need to stop waiting for permission!

Ireland is a fantastic country, and we love it to bits. However, society also has made us scared and reserved. Sometime’s we are afraid to chase what we truly want because we are afraid of what other people will think. Or what other people might say.

This is unfortunately still very present every day. People are afraid to put themselves out there, people are afraid to admit what their goals really are and we just accept what others say we should do and punapharmacy settle into the system that is life.

Take the education system for example. The worst possible thing in the world you can do between the age of 15 & 18/19 at school is fail, well at least that’s what we are made believe. However we now know that educational exams are memory tests & sometimes it can take a young person years to find their true calling & what they love.

We are brought up fearing failure. Fearing that we are not good enough & fearing that others are better.

Failure is not the be all & end all. Failure is great, we can learn from failure. Failure can make us stronger. Conor McGregor recently claimed he was celebrating adversity and he would celebrate he’s recent loss. He was going to turn his failure into a positive, from his failure he was going to learn & grow.

Many of these principles apply to fitness, health, sports & your own work life.

The title of this post is the motivation behind the article. You need to stop waiting for permission to go out there and achieve your goals or do the stuff that you want to do! Fuck what other people think and what they say. If you have a goal & a vision you give it 100% all in to achieve that goal. Too many people just live their lives and sit in the system. You have one life, just one chance on this planet! That’s too short of a time for you not to shine.

You are 100% in control of your happiness & you are the CEO of your own life.

Yes people will talk about you, they will tell you that you cannot achieve your goals, they will tell you that your idea’s wont work, you will have people talk behind your back, you will have people say bad stuff about you & people will make up stories about you. But what can you do to deal with this? ….. Keeping smiling, keep doing your thing, keep succeeding & keep reaching from them goals.

Let them waste their energy on gossip & story telling. You focus on becoming the best version of you.

So guys! You no longer need permission from ANYONE to go out and do your thing. Take every day as it come’s, be consistent & help people that when you will see growth.

Have a great week



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