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Active 55's at WK Fitness Dingle

We are delighted to announce that our Active 55’s Fitness Course will be starting at WK Fitness very soon!

Classes will take place on Monday evenings at 5pm & Friday mornings at 9 am. First class is starting on Monday 23rd at 5pm!

Exercise is of vital importance to people who are aged in their fifties & over! We have highlighted some of the benefits below! To date we have experienced fantastic results with some of our older members, these include a reduction in back pain/stiffness, reduction in shoulder & hip pain/stiffness, increased flexibility, reduced blood pressure. One member in particular is completely free of osteoporosis a couple of months into her basic strength program!

Here are some benefits of physical exercise for older folks;

  • Improvement in Mental Health / depression / anxiety
  • Maintenance of lean muscle mass & basic strength
  • Improve basic strength levels to help perform everyday activities
  • Improve flexibility, reduce joint pain & stiffness
  • Regular physical exercise combined with good eating habits can help with Type 2 Diabetes
  • Exercise helps improve sleep quality
  • Improvement in bone strength (osteoporosis)
  • Prevention of increased body fat % with ageing and post menopause in women
  • Exercise can be a huge aid in lowering blood pressure
  • Its social! You can meet new people & have some fun too!

So perhaps you may know someone who may benefit from our new training class! All classes are at a go at your own pace policy! So no pressure on anybody!

We believe that this initiative will assist a lot of people in our local area!

Please contact us with any questions or call into WK Fitness in John St to see how we could hep you out! Classes start on Monday May 23rd!




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